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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

  • The final place Abraham takes Ben to is the most gruesome of all.
  • There's still a man hanging from the tree; his fingers, toes, and penis have been cut off, and flies are swarming his body.
  • Abraham reports that you can buy a "n***** toe" in the general store for a quarter.
  • Ben is nauseous and throws up; Abraham, sadly, is used to scenes like this by now.
  • After he's done puking, Ben decides to climb the tree and get the man down. Everyone deserves a burial, and he wants to give this man one.
  • Abraham warns that the lynchers wanted the body to be left up there as a warning to everyone else, but Ben doesn't care.
  • When he's done, Abraham tells him to hurry—someone will be watching.
  • No problem, Ben says. He has a report to write anyway.

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