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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

  • Over dinner, Ben's dad makes slight digs at Ben—in jest, of course. He jokes about not seeing his son very much, or being not as important as his son's "business."
  • Ben has a few zingers he could send back, but he knows it's not the time to come to blows with his dad.
  • When Ben comments that the KKK has killed some people, his dad corrects him, saying the KKK was outlawed so Ben's misinformed.
  • But Senator Winkler stands up for Ben—pointing out that just because something's outlawed, doesn't mean everyone obeys it. In fact, sometimes it makes people want to do it more.
  • There's definitely a blinking contest between the two men, and Ben is about to say something else when a servant walks in with a cake.
  • Elizabeth asked the help to make a hummingbird cake since it's Richard's favorite.
  • As she's saying this, though, she grabs the inside of Ben's thigh. Ooh la la.

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