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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

  • It's been a couple days and Ben hasn't heard anything back from the White House. What's the deal, yo?
  • Ben walks around town that afternoon to kill time, and he hears a woman getting mad at some men; she's standing up from some Black boys who are about 12 or 13.
  • Three adult men are holding them underwater to "teach them a lesson" and she thinks it's wrong. The men just laugh at her.
  • Ben remembers what Twain said about a brave man, and since he wants to be one, he goes over to the men and tells them to let the boys go.
  • They loosen their grip for a moment and one of the boys gets away, but the other doesn't. So again Ben tells them to let the kid go.
  • After a struggle, the kid runs free, and the men take their anger out on Ben. They come at him swinging, and they throw him down on the ground.

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