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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • The jury announces their verdict: Gracie is guilty.
  • Ben is really upset. In fact, he's more upset than Gracie is when they hug goodbye.
  • She knows she'll be hanged, but she tells him not to worry; he tried to save her and that's what's matters.
  • Even though Ben knows she's strong, he tells her it isn't fair—this whole thing is more about race than facts.
  • Then Gracie lowers the boom: She admits to Ben that she did it.
  • Huh? Lydia was supposed to be napping when she came downstairs and saw Gracie stealing the silver. She's usually honest, but Lydia barely paid her for being a maid and she needed the money.
  • Lydia yelled at her, and Gracie snapped, then she stabbed Lydia.
  • And you know what? She'd do it again.

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