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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

  • Back at Abraham's house, everyone is eating and talking about Hiram.
  • It dawns on Ben that Scooter knew Moody's name at the funeral. How?
  • When he goes over to talk to her, she tells him to get his white hand off her Black skin—white men killed her brother.
  • Moody says she's been to a lot of funerals, but this one has no "peaceable joy."
  • That's what she calls it when everyone is sad at a funeral but they know the person isn't in pain anymore or has lived a full life—it's the feeling you get at an old person's funeral.
  • Hiram was young and had his whole life ahead of him, though, so why did he have to die?
  • Ben's not sure what to say, so he offers her some food. She has to eat sometime.

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