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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • After the court case, Ben walks home.
  • His mind is racing over everything that's happened, but he's not prepared for what's about to happen next. (Hmm…is that foreshadowing? It sure sounds like it…)
  • When Ben gets home, Meg, his wife, isn't around, but there's a peach pie fresh out of the oven.
  • Ben asks the cook, Mazie, where Meg is and is told she went out for a while and was pretty upset.
  • Even though his wife is kind and compassionate, Ben knows she doesn't love him taking charity cases all the time. It's tough on them and doesn't pay.
  • He sits down to play the banjo since he's been trying to learn it for a while.
  • Everything seems so rushed now. He thinks back to a time when he was in Mississippi and things weren't as manic.
  • That makes him think of his mom.

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