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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

  • Ben starts to find his sea legs, but he's shaky as all get out—he walks with crutches, and each step is excruciating to him.
  • Abraham goes by Maybelle's for Ben to check for mail, but there is none. Darn.
  • What hurts more than his physical injuries is the fact that no one seems to care if he dies.
  • Okay, Abraham and Moody, but what about his dad? Or Elizabeth?
  • He knows everyone must have heard about his lynching by now in the tiny town.
  • Abraham tells him there are cowards in the town and the Quarter; that's the only way that bullies can have their way.
  • As Ben walks down the street, someone stops him and thanks him for trying to help out Black people. They know not every white man is evil.
  • Moody quips that everyone knows Ben helped them so he's even more of a target now. Yikes.

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