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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

  • One day, Aunt Henry tells Ben that he's healed and no longer needs her to take care of him.
  • He knows she's right, but he doesn't want her to be—there's something so comforting about being fussed over.
  • Ben's really enjoyed spending time getting to know Abraham better, and he loved the time with Moody, too. (Hint: We think he wants to be more than just buddy-buddy with her.)
  • Abraham tells Ben one night that he better be careful around Moody.
  • He thinks highly of Ben, but Ben can't hook up with Moody with the way things are.
  • Ben assures Abraham that he won't try anything, noting that Moody's not exactly chomping at the bit. She never says a nice word to Ben.
  • Silly Ben—that's exactly how you know a woman is in love with you, Abraham says.

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