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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

  • Ben looks through the holes of his KKK hood and wonders how his old pal could be a Klansman. How did he not see this coming?
  • When they get to the meeting, Ben sees a bunch of other men in white hoods.
  • Normally people don't like to show their faces at these meetings, but tonight is a special occasion.
  • Everyone disrobes to show Ben who they are; they want him to know they aren't crazy.
  • Ben recognizes almost everyone in the crowd.
  • Everyone from the sheriff to the pharmacist is there, and they all claim to want to reason with Ben.
  • The meeting starts, and people begin complaining about things that happened that week. There's a lot of "this Black man did this" and "that Black woman did that." None of it is that serious, but the members get angry when they hear it.
  • One of them says to Ben that this shows that Black people are just trying to take their jobs.
  • It occurs to Ben that this is about more than hate. These men are afraid, worried that Black men will steal their jobs, wives, and hopes for the future.
  • As he's thinking about all this, the KKK members tie his hands around his back. He knows this can't be good.

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