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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

  • Abraham is sick and very feverish.
  • Ben and L.J. set up a perimeter around the house. Some of L.J.'s men, along with people from the Quarter, help protect Abraham.
  • Everyone is waiting all night for the White Raiders to show, but they never do.
  • The next night, L.J. encourages everyone to stay alert.
  • Abraham's fever broke and he's feeling a little better. It's clear he's still sick, but at least he can talk to Ben now.
  • Ben asks his friend how he knows the President, and Abraham explains that Roosevelt's mom was from Georgia, where he's from, and his sister was her nurse.
  • In fact, Abraham was actually visiting his sister when Roosevelt's mom died. It was the same day as Roosevelt's wife died. He guesses the President always remembered him from that.
  • Just then, the White Raiders show up and come crashing through the house.

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