Study Guide

Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 87

By James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Chapter 87

  • Bullets are flying everywhere, and Ben can hardly tell who is still in the game and who is down.
  • He remembers it being like this when he was at war, only then he wasn't shooting at his neighbors and people he'd known all his life.
  • Everyone is yelling and panicking, but L.J. and Ben look at one another and have an idea.
  • The plan? They wait until the men are out of ammo and then charge at them while the White Raiders are reloading.
  • It works. Suddenly, they are the ones in charge.
  • Another White Raider who was not part of the raid shows up and shoots L.J. in the cheek. He's down, and badly hurt, but he's still talking.
  • He tells the other men to stand their ground.
  • Ben realizes he hasn't heard Moody in a while, and then sees one of the Raiders has a gun to her head. He threatens to kill her if Ben doesn't drop his gun.
  • Just then, Moody grabs a knife out of her dress and stabs the White Raider in the back before he knows what hit him.

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