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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

  • By 4:00AM, the chief of police (Phineas) is there and everyone is talking about the situation.
  • L.J. points out that these men trespassed and committed murder, so they must be arrested—Ben, L.J., and company were just defending themselves.
  • Phineas doesn't like the sound of this logic, but he has no choice but to follow it—he might be able to ignore it if only Ben were making the complaint, but since L.J. is a witness, Phineas has to arrest people.
  • He starts arresting the White Raiders, and they can't believe it; they moan about how it isn't fair. (Cry us a river…)
  • Phineas points out that L.J. is a respected citizen and a credible witness.
  • And then Ben adds that they have another person on their side—President Roosevelt. Boom.

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