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Alex Cross's Trial Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

  • Next up is a guy named Patton William Taylor.
  • Ben scribbles on a note to Jonah that this guy was sent to jail for breaking a Black girl's leg.
  • It's clear the guy is racist, but when Jonah asks him about his time in the slammer, Taylor is vague and noncommittal.
  • Jonah asks the judge to get the guy to give him a straight answer.
  • Judge Corbett tells Jonah the guy already answered, though, so get over it.
  • Jonah pushes back, but the judge just schools Jonah on how things are done in the South.
  • He can object to the other lawyer, but he can't object to the judge.
  • Then the judge tells him to sit down and shut it. Oh snap.

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