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Alex Cross's Trial Part 3, Chapter 44

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Part 3, Chapter 44

Southern Funeral Favorites

  • On his way back from Frog Creek, Ben pedals as slowly as possible. He's so down about what happened to those men, he can't find the motivation to do any more.
  • When he gets back to the inn, he learns from Maybelle that Elizabeth came by to see him.
  • He also has some mail. Much to his surprise, there's a letter from Meg.
  • Ben is overjoyed as he opens it. In it, Meg shares that she's been doing extra housework since Mazie's been off taking care of her sister (who drinks too much).
  • Aside from that, though, everything is good, and the girls really miss him.
  • Then she tells him what the letter is about. She's leaving him, plain and simple.
  • Things haven't worked for a while now, and there's no point in belaboring it, so she's going to move in with her dad.
  • At first, Ben can't believe it—he must have read the letter wrong—so he reads it over and over again, until he can force himself to believe his wife is leaving him.
  • On the back of the note is one from his little girls. They say they miss him and want him to come home soon. Aw.

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