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Alex Cross's Trial Part 4, Chapter 70

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Part 4, Chapter 70

"My Name is Henry"

  • The first thing Ben hears when he comes to is "My name is Henry."
  • He opens his eyes, looks around, and sees a woman; she's feeding him mushy peas.
  • Moody fills in the gaps for Ben. They got him down from the tree and brought him home.
  • Everyone thought he was dead, but Abraham found a pulseā€”it was weak, but it was there.
  • Aunt Henry has been nursing him back to health ever since.
  • His knees aren't broken, but he's pretty badly hurt; he's been there for over a week and counting.
  • Moody says they have to get him up and running because the men will hunt him down and hang him again if they get the chance.

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