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Alex Cross's Trial Betrayal

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While he's lucky not to literally get stabbed in the back, Ben gets double-crossed many times in Alex Cross's Trial, and he's more hurt by these betrayals than anything else. Jacob turns out to be a full-fledged KKK member; Elizabeth tells Ben's plan to her hubby and his White Raider friends. The betrayals Ben experiences lead him to question everyone and everything, and as he does, the book forces us to think about the nature of betrayal and why people are disloyal to those who need them the most.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. In what ways can Meg's letters to Ben be seen as betrayal? Does he betray her with Elizabeth or Moody? Why or why not?
  2. Whose betrayal hurts Ben the most? Why is he shocked at the betrayals from his old friends?
  3. Why do you think the characters betray one another? Do you think Elizabeth and Jacob purposely betray Ben, or are they just more loyal to other people or ideals?

Chew on This

Betraying friends is an acceptable and necessary part of survival. Even though Jacob betrays Ben, he would be betraying his own ideals if he supported the guy.

Ben might be upset about the duplicities of his friends and family, but he betrays just as many people in the book as deceive him.

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