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Alex Cross's Trial Justice and Judgment

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Justice and Judgment

Simply put, there's nothing just about what's going on around Eudora. What makes this such a compelling theme in Alex Cross's Trial, though, is the fact that some people think the actions of the White Raiders and KKK are justified. In fact, most white citizens see nothing wrong with them, and Ben is appalled by the fact that many of his former friends willingly grab their guns to hurt Black people simply for saying or talking a certain way. Trouble is, with white people running the courts, there isn't anything particularly just about the justice system either. Yikes.

Questions About Justice and Judgment

  1. If an action is considered wrong in some ways but right in others, can the action still be considered just? For example, Ben, L.J., and Moody fight the White Raiders and kill people as a result. Is this just? Why or why not? How about when Moody lies in court?
  2. Judge Corbett claims he wants justice in Eudora. Is this true? Why or why not? How do his actions with the jury reveal his relationship to justice?
  3. Can justice mean different things to different people? President Roosevelt thinks justice is served in the long run, whereas Moody feels it is taking too long. What affects their opinions about justice? Is one a better authority than the other on justice?

Chew on This

It is impossible to be racist and have an accurate sense of justice.

It's impossible to come up with a definition of justice everyone will agree on. What justice means to individual people is always going to be different.

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