Study Guide

George Deever in All My Sons

By Arthur Miller

George Deever

George Deever is the brother of Ann and the son of Steve Deever. He grew up as the Kellers' neighbor before his father was imprisoned for selling faulty goods to the military. George is only around for Act 2. He has just been to visit his dad for the first time since he went to jail. Full of anger, George isn't in the Kellers' backyard five minutes before he forbids Ann to marry Chris, "because his father destroyed your family" (2.235). Kate and Joe almost succeed in seducing George with kindness, plans for the future, and old arguments about his father's cowardly nature. They fear George not because he disapproves of the marriage – they do too – but because he's a lawyer. Though he tries to make Ann to leave, she refuses. Basically, George exists in the play to raise the stakes of the conflict.