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Finch's Friends in All the Bright Places

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Finch's Friends

Finch has two close pals: Brenda Shank-Kravitz and Charlie Donahue. Brenda, his fashion consultant, is fiercely protective of Finch. She tells Violet,

"If you break his heart, I will kick that skinny ass all the way to Kentucky." (11.4)

She's not a bully, though; later, she and Violet become best friends.

Charlie "refuses to be a black stereotype" (29.1), but apparently he doesn't mind being a total bro stereotype. He's always going on about his luck with women and pestering Finch to kiss and tell.

"Did you hit that yet, or what?" he asks Finch (29.15). ("That" meaning Violet.) Ugh, what a pig.

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