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Mrs. Finch in All the Bright Places

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Mrs. Finch

Finch's mom is divorced, works two jobs, and drinks a lot of wine.

She's a negligent parent, partly because she's wrapped up in her own problems, and partly because Finch tries to keep his problems from her. It's not that she doesn't love her kids, but she has a real selfish streak. It's never more on display than when she asks Violet to go look for Finch when all the signs point to his suicide. She asks:

"I hate to ask you, but can you go? I'm just so—worried, and—I don't think I could—I mean, in case something were to—or if he were." (52.64)

Counting on your son's seventeen-year-old ex to do your parenting? In a word: Yikes.

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