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All the Bright Places Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • Finch has decided to give himself a makeover. He's at the Goodwill with his friends Charlie and Brenda.
  • Apparently Brenda made out with bro nightmare person Roamer at Amanda's party.
  • Brenda wonders what Finch's shopping for. Basically he wants a look that will impress Violet.
  • Finch finds a leather jacket he likes. His new look is complete.
  • Back at school, Finch is trying on an English accent for size. Oh, Finch.
  • He's feeling pretty full of himself until it's time for U.S. Geography, his class with Violet. He feels deflated when he sees Ryan Cross talking to her.
  • After class, Finch approaches Violet and tells her it's time they start looking around the state for their project. They decide the first stop will be Hoosier Hill.
  • Finch wants to leave right that second, which would mean cutting school. They agree to meet up after school.

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