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All the Bright Places Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Violet is looking for Finch in the parking lot. He's having a hot James Dean moment lounging by his car.
  • Finch tells her he needs to grab his bike at home. She'll follow his car on her own bike.
  • The kids go inside to drop off Violet's stuff. Outside, on their bikes, Violet notices that Finch has a huge scar across his stomach. Hmm, interesting.
  • Riding with Finch to Hoosier Hill, Violet feels normal for the first time in a long time.
  • At Hoosier Hill, Finch talks to the locals in a fake Australian accent. Oh, Finch.
  • Finch grabs Violet's hand to help her up the hill and she feels a little jolt. It's official folks: Our girl has a crush.
  • She's pretty cranky about it, too. She snatches her hand back and tries to get to work on the project.
  • Finch convinces her to be in the moment. The clasp hands again and jump off the hill (for fun, not to kill themselves).
  • Finch asks Violet to take some notes for the project. She has had writer's block since her sister's death, but she jots down a few things anyway. Finch marks their next destinations on a map.
  • Back at Finch's house, Violet sends him in to get her bag.
  • Violet goes home for dinner. Her dad has cooked an elaborate supper.
  • Her parents are very interested in this school project, and the boy who is her partner. They seem excited.
  • Finch sends Violet a Facebook message. She ignores it, even though she wants to write back.

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