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All the Bright Places Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


  • Everyone's buzzing about the school tabloid, which has published a list of the top 10 Most Suicidal Students. Charming.
  • During U.S. Geography, Ryan slips Violet a note about going on a date. She says maybe.
  • Finch stumbles into class late, making a big scene. He sets a rock on Violet's desk. It says, "Your turn."
  • After class, Ryan walks Violet to Spanish. He wants to get back together, in case she hasn't noticed. She's skeptical.
  • Back at home, Violet's parents ask about the bell tower incident. A local journalist called the house looking for an interview.
  • Violet's mom mentions a family trip to New York for spring break. Violet agrees even though she's not into it.
  • After a bad nightmare, Violet signs into Facebook and she and Finch start messaging each other.
  • He sends a message about coming over. Violet's not exactly pleased about it.

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