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All the Bright Places Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


  • It's morning. Violet goes outside and finds Finch lying in the yard.
  • They ride bikes to school. Finch asks Violet about the accident.
  • To avoid talking about it, she asks Finch about his stomach scar. He says a guitarist attacked him during a show.
  • When they reach school, Finch takes off in the other direction. Guess he's not going to class today.
  • It's the weekend now, and Violet's on the phone with that reporter. It doesn't go well.
  • Oh, Ryan's here. Looks like they're going on that date after all.
  • They arrive at the drive-in(!) and hop into a car with Amanda and Roamer. Violet's already having a terrible time.
  • Ugh, Amanda and Roamer are making out. Violet's vaguely appalled…and thinking about Finch.
  • Ryan kisses Violet, and she kisses him back, at least for a minute. Then she flashes back to the time she went to the drive-in with Ryan and his brother and her sister.
  • Violet says she has to get home. When Ryan tries to kiss her goodnight, she turns her head.

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