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All the Bright Places Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


  • It's morning and Finch's at Violet's house again. He's eating breakfast with her parents.
  • They set off for their wandering. Finch wants to drive, but Violet's resistant.
  • Finch's pushy and finally Violet gets into the car. He drives really slowly.
  • Violet tells Finch about the accident, and about Eleanor. She was Violet's best friend.
  • They've reached their destination, a place called Bookmobile Park. Appropriately, it's filled with bookmobiles.
  • They talk to the couple that runs the bookmobiles. Finch is really impressed. They buy some books and Finch leaves the owner extra money.
  • Finch takes off running toward the car. Violet beats him to it.
  • In the car, Finch tells Violet to take some notes.

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