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All the Bright Places Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


  • On the way home, Violet and Finch talk about epitaphs. Violet's not sure what hers would be.
  • She asks Finch what he did when he skipped school the other day. He says he had a headache.
  • At home, Finch checks the family's voicemail. There's a message from his guidance counselor, which he deletes.
  • He thinks about hanging himself for a while.
  • He thinks about his depressive episodes. Sometimes he can feel them coming on. The signs are headaches and sensitivities to sound and space.
  • He's tried to tell people about it before but they thought he was nuts. Now he doesn't really talk about it.
  • One time he asked a pal to jump in front of a train with him. That's where the "Theodore Freak" nickname originated.
  • All his life Finch has tried to be normal, but it just hasn't been in the cards. He rearranges the furniture in his room to make himself feel better.

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