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All the Bright Places Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


  • Here's Violet, in the office of another guidance counselor, Mrs. Kresney. She's still a bit shaken from being up on that ledge.
  • She's hoping that Mrs. Kresney doesn't know about that whole ledge incident, btw.
  • Mrs. K asks about Violet's nightmares. Violet's evasive.
  • Mrs. K asks about Violet's college applications—a sensitive subject. All of Violet's schools are super far away, and she's no longer applying to NYU, which used to be her dream school.
  • Now the counselor wants to know about Violet's website. It was an online magazine she used to write with her sister Eleanor, who died in a car crash. So that's why she's been having such a hard time.
  • She feels responsible for her sister's death, though she won't admit it to Mrs. K. Also, she hasn't been in a car since the accident.
  • It sounds like Violet's life has changed a lot since her sister's death. She's not a cheerleader anymore and she quit student council.
  • Violet leaves the office when Mrs. K's pep talks becomes too much. As she walks to class, people stop her in the hall for "saving" Finch…even though we know it was the reverse.
  • She thinks about Finch, who's known for being the school freak. She wonders why he tries to get everyone's attention.
  • In class, she removes her prescription glasses, which were her sister's.
  • She gets a note from Ryan, her ex. Well, technically they're on a break. He's asking about Finch.
  • When the bell rings, she lingers at her desk so she doesn't have to talk to Ryan. She also talks to the teacher about getting out of writing a paper.
  • In the hall, Ryan tells Violet she looks pretty. Finch passes her and gives her a nod.

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