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All the Bright Places Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


  • It's 2:00 in the morning and Finch is throwing rocks at Violet's window again. She's still irritated about the whole detention thing.
  • She goes outside. Finch wants to take her somewhere, and she reluctantly agrees.
  • They're downtown. Finch is taking them to the bookstore where his mom works. He has the keys.
  • They eat muffins and read Dr. Seuss books to each other. Seems like they're having a cute moment.
  • They leave the bookstore and climb up into the water tower. They leave a Tupperware full of treasures and Finch shouts things off the ledge like a crazy person.
  • Finch takes her home. He doesn't kiss Violet goodnight, even though she wishes he would.

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