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All the Bright Places Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • Dinner at Finch's dad's house. Something seems off. Apparently Finch's dad's in a black mood.
  • Finch goes downstairs to the basement to tell his dad dinner's ready. His dad seems super angry.
  • Finch sasses his dad, who starts to beat him up. Finch escapes up the stairs.
  • After dinner, Finch goes home and tries to calm himself. He wants to kill his father, who's abused him and his mother for years.
  • As the car idles in the garage, he thinks about killing himself. He doesn't, though.
  • He heads for Mudlavia, which is supposed to have a healing spring. It's pretty far. When he gets there, he lies in the spring.
  • Back at home, he runs into his sister Kate. She asks him about Violet and tells him to be careful.
  • Finch goes to his little sister's room. She's upset about the dinner at their dad's.
  • Decca (his sister) is cutting all the mean parts and unpleasant words out of a pile of books. Seems like maybe she's not doing so hot.
  • Finch goes to his room and feels like something there is different.
  • He takes a shower. Afterwards he doesn't recognize himself in the mirror. These don't seem like particularly good signs, do they?

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