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All the Bright Places Chapter 24

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Chapter 24


  • Finch hasn't been at school for a week now. Rumors are spreading like wildfire.
  • Violet seeks out Charlie to ask what's up. Charlie says that's just how Finch is.
  • The next day he's back at school, sporting a new look.
  • A fire alarm goes off when Violet's in calculus. Finch tells her to meet him in the parking lot.
  • Together, they run down to the river. Finch wants to show Violet something. Oh cool, it's a hooded crane.
  • Finch strips down, having lost a bet with Violet about keeping quiet. He gets into the water naked.
  • Violet watches him swim. She admires his skill and then sits on a rock to write.
  • She asks Finch where he's been. He says he was remodeling. He gets out of the water and gets dressed.
  • Uh-oh, here comes trouble. It's Ryan, Roamer, and some guy named Joe. Ryan says they saw Violet running and came to check up on her.
  • Finch and Roamer start to fight. Then they start to fistfight. At first Finch just tries to defend himself, but then he practically drowns Roamer.
  • Finch stomps off. He's mad. Violet decides not to go back to school, either. She goes to Finch's place instead.
  • Violet goes up to his room, but the door's locked. She decides not to pick the lock.

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