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All the Bright Places Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


  • Violet's having dinner with her parents. The principal has informed them of her absence from school.
  • She tries to tell them about the river, but they don't get it. She stomps off to her room, furious.
  • Violet's mother comes to her room. She asks what's going on with Violet's old website. Violet says it's dead.
  • She sees Violet's inspiration board, the place where she posted the notes about her new ideas. Together, they sketch out some ideas for a new magazine.
  • After about two hours, they stop. Violet's feeling pretty good about the project.
  • Violet looks at the calendar and feels a sense of panic about graduation. She takes it down and stuffs it in her closet.
  • She goes into Eleanor's room. She puts the glasses down on the dresser. She doesn't plan to wear them anymore.

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