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All the Bright Places Chapter 28

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Chapter 28


  • Finch and Violet are wandering again. This time they're visiting some guy who's built two roller coasters in his backyard.
  • Finch rides the roller coaster first. He loves it, so he rides it like a million more times.
  • Violet's turn. She's having a great time, too.
  • As they leave, Violet wonders if it's their last wandering. Finch says no way. They get in the car to go home.
  • Suddenly, Finch pulls over at an exit. He parks and then kisses Violet. She kisses him back.
  • Now they're in the back seat stripping. Suddenly, Finch realizes that she's a virgin. He decides they should go home. For now.
  • Back at home, Finch writes a journal entry and goes running. He seems really manic, but happy.

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