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All the Bright Places Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


  • Finch is in the gym talking to his pal Charlie. Charlie wants to know if he's "hit that," meaning had sex with Violet. What a charmer.
  • Back in the locker room, Roamer confronts Finch. He's still mad about that almost-drowning thing.
  • Roamer beats on Finch a lot. Finch doesn't fight back. He doesn't want to get expelled.
  • The coach interrupts and marches off with Roamer, who's in trouble.
  • Back at his locker, Finch finds his rockā€”the one he gave to Violet earlier. She picked the lock and left it for him, it seems.
  • The chapter concludes as he walks away chatting with Brenda. He's thinking about Violet the whole time.

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