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All the Bright Places Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


  • Finch is walking behind some people in the hall who are talking Violet's supposed heroics.
  • He settles into his seat for U.S. Geography. The teacher's talking about the many wonders of the state of Indiana.
  • Someone walks into class late and drops her books, making a commotion. Oh, it's Violet.
  • Finch dumps all of his own stuff on the floor to take people's eyes off of Violet. He knows she's embarrassed.
  • Teach is assigning a project: The kids are supposed to explore Indiana. Finch immediately volunteers himself as Violet's partner.
  • Violet tries to get out of the project. The teacher says no way. He's not coddling her.
  • Finch realizes that Violet's sister died the year before. He had forgotten that fact until now.
  • After class, some dude named Roamer bullies Finch in the hall. Finch struggles against his instinct to fight back.
  • Now Finch is hanging out in the parking lot with his friends Charlie and Brenda. He sees Violet and realizes he has a crush on her.
  • Back at home, Finch heads up to his room. He plays guitar a little and writes a sort of journal entry on his computer.
  • Finch starts looking up Violet. He finds her on Facebook and sends a friend request. He opens an account just for that purpose.
  • He also finds Violet's defunct website and a newspaper article about her sister's death.
  • Finch goes downstairs and has dinner with his family. He struggles to make conversation with his mom and sister. He feels like his mom doesn't understand his depression.
  • He goes back to his computer. Violet accepted his friend request. They start to chat. She seems irritated that he cornered her into doing the class project with him.

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