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All the Bright Places Chapter 32

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Chapter 32


  • Finch and Violet have been making stops around Indiana for their project. Finally, the first warm day arrives.
  • Finch takes her to the Blue Hole, a huge lake that is supposedly bottomless. Lots of myths surround this river.
  • Violet strips down to her underwear. After a minute or two they jump in together.
  • They dive to the bottom. Violet is impressed with how long Finch can hold his breath.
  • They float around in the lake and talk about life. Finch talks about his father a bit.
  • Finch dives down into the lake. He keeps going even when his lungs strain for air.
  • By the time he goes back to the surface, he really needs air. He makes it. Barely. And Violet's crying on the bank.
  • Finch is going into guidance counselor mode, telling her to get it all out. He thinks this is more about her dead sister than him.
  • Violet admits that she's angry. She doesn't know what to do with it.
  • Finch encourages her to throw rocks at a wall. It seems to help a little.
  • They start to kiss, then Finch breaks away. He's afraid he'll let her down.
  • Violet chooses this moment to ask about the scar on his stomach. He admits that his dad abused him.
  • When Finch tells her he'll never be Ryan Cross, she tells him that Ryan is a kleptomaniac. Interesting.
  • They kiss more and Finch says he thinks he loves Violet.

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