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All the Bright Places Chapter 40

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Chapter 40


  • It's Sunday morning and Finch spends the morning playing outside with his little sister. Neither of them is looking forward to dinner at their father's house later that night.
  • At his dad's, Finch passes Josh Raymond's room. For a brief moment he's jealous of all the kid's toys.
  • Finch spots a couple of toys that used to be his. He and Josh Raymond bond over them a bit.
  • Out in the living room, Finch's dad tells him he should bring Violet by the house. Yeah right.
  • Finch leaves, walks home, and gets into his car. Then he drives around randomly for a long time.
  • Eventually, he abandons his car and starts running. It seems like he's having some sort of episode.
  • He comes upon a greenhouse attached to a farm. He bangs on the door, desperate to pick up some flowers.
  • The old couple that owns the greenhouse is super nice. Finch gets his flowers and gets a ride back to his car.
  • Finch drives to Violet's to give her the flowers. She loves them.
  • He drives home and sits outside his house for a while, thinking of Violet.

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