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All the Bright Places Chapter 41

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Chapter 41


  • At school, Finch is having a hard time concentrating.
  • He makes a mental checklist of everything he has going for him. Somehow it doesn't seem like enough. He's really feeling terrible.
  • After class, he goes to his appointment with the guidance counselor. Finch opens up about his bad relationship with his father.
  • Whoops, he forgot he had told the counselor his father was dead. Finch tries to cover for himself but it's too late.
  • Oh dear, now Finch is reciting the suicide note of a Russian poet. Understandably, the counselor is alarmed.
  • The counselor asks if he's feeling suicidal. Finch tries to cover for himself. He doesn't do a great job.
  • His counselor mentions bipolar disorder. Finch doesn't like the sound of it. He knows that people with mental illness are stigmatized. The counselor seems super worried about Finch.
  • The next day, Finch gets in a fistfight with Roamer. Not good.

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