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All the Bright Places Chapter 44

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Chapter 44


  • Finch has traveled to a nearby town. He's attending a support group meeting for kids who feel suicidal.
  • He's been avoiding Violet, by the way. He doesn't want her to know.
  • Finch is feeling pretty down about the meeting. He wishes he hadn't come.
  • As they go around the circle introducing themselves, a latecomer walks into the meeting. Wait a second—it's Amanda, Violet's old friend. The one who's always so mean to Finch.
  • Amanda is using an alias: Rachel. She's not too excited to see Finch, by the way.
  • Amanda says she's bulimic and has tried to kill herself twice. Wow.
  • The meeting is super depressing. Finch thinks all the other kids are letting themselves be defined by their mental illnesses.
  • In the parking lot, Finch tells Amanda her secret is safe with him.

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