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All the Bright Places Chapter 45

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Chapter 45


  • Violet hasn't heard from Finch in three days. She borrows her mom's car—a big deal, because of her no-driving thing—and goes to his place to check in.
  • Finch's mom answers the door. It's clear she has no idea that Finch has been expelled.
  • Finch answers his bedroom door in his pajamas. Violet's alarmed to see that his room has been stripped of all Finch's stuff. What's going on with him?
  • So Finch is doing this thing where he puts post-its with positive messages on the wall and negative messages in a pile on the floor.
  • They do this message thing for some time—first with regular words, then with sexy stuff. Annnnd now they're having sex.
  • Oh lord, Finch is telling that story about the dead bird again. That's when his depression started, apparently.
  • Violet suddenly realizes that Finch is living in his closet. She becomes concerned.
  • Over dinner with her parents, Violet wonders what they'd think if they knew she had sex with a boy who lives in a closet. Well, when you put it that way…

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