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All the Bright Places Chapter 48

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Chapter 48


  • Violet's knocking on Finch's bedroom door. He answers it in a suit(!).
  • Finch has really done up his closet home for this occasion. He painted the walls and ceiling to make it look like outer space.
  • He's also brought in Chinese food. This is pretty good for a closet party.
  • Violet's having an amazing time, but she also feels oppressed by all the things that she and Finch aren't saying to each other.
  • Violet starts to cry. She's so worried about Finch. She tells him what Amanda said about seeing him at suicide group.
  • They begin to fight. Finch is resentful that Violet's life is so easy, and Violet is resentful that he thinks her life is easy.
  • Violet storms out of the closet, furious.
  • At home, she tells her parents about everything, including her suicidal thoughts and her relationship with Finch. She wants them to find a way to help Finch even though she knows this info will get her in trouble.
  • Her parents jump into action, leaving a voicemail for Finch's mom and calling a psychiatrist friend. They want to help even though they're disappointed in Violet.
  • Violet goes to her room. Eventually, she falls into an uneasy sleep. She dreams that Finch is throwing rocks at her window…or is it a dream? She's not sure.
  • Over the next few days, Violet obsesses over Finch, who doesn't contact her. She also works on her new magazine and school stuff.
  • At school, Ryan asks Violet about college. He also asks her to go to a party.
  • In U.S. Geography, the teacher asks Violet how her project's going. Violet tries to text Finch again.
  • A few days later, she goes to Finch's house. His little sister answers the door. Finch isn't home. Violet's more worried than ever.

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