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All the Bright Places Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


  • Violet's heading over to her friend Amanda's house. It's supposed to be a girls-only sleepover, but it's actually a huge party. Everyone's drinking beer and being obnoxious.
  • Amanda asks Violet about the Finch rescue thing. Violet clearly doesn't want to be at this party.
  • Now everyone's questioning Violet about the incident. She lies to cover the truth.
  • Violet is really, really, really not enjoying the party. She decides to leave, telling Amanda she doesn't feel well.
  • Turns out this is her first party since Eleanor died. The sisters had gone to a party together before the car crash.
  • Outside, Violet throws up. Then she runs into Ryan, her ex.
  • Ryan tries to kiss her. She turns her head. Ouch.
  • Turns out the first time she kissed Ryan was in April…at a party…the night her sister died. That explains a lot about this Ryan situation.
  • Ryan tries to convince Violet to go back to the party, but she's not having it. She runs home.
  • Violet goes home and tells her parents about the party. She's irritated because she only went for their sake. She goes to her room to read.
  • On Facebook, Finch has posted a video of him singing a song. At the end, he asks Violet to confirm that she's alive.
  • She's mortified, but Finch explains that no one else can see the vid. Whew.
  • Somehow Finch invites himself over to Violet's house. She immediately regrets telling him he can come.

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