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All the Bright Places Chapter 51

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Chapter 51


  • On the one-year anniversary of Eleanor's death, Violet and her parents go to the site of the accident. Violet sees that someone has planted a little garden there, and she knows that it must have been Finch.
  • Back at home, Violet thinks about her magazine. She thinks of a slogan for it: You start here.
  • She still hasn't heard from Finch. By now, Violet's furious. She's also trying to move on.
  • Still, she has to finish their class project. Violet sets off to wander on her own.
  • Later in the month, Ryan asks her on a date. Violet agrees, but only if they go as friends.
  • Despite what she said, Violet kisses Ryan at the end of the night. Then, on Saturday, she hangs out with Amanda. Is she becoming her old self again?
  • She's also becoming closer with Brenda. They're working on the magazine together. Sounds like it's coming together.

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