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All the Bright Places Chapter 52

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Chapter 52


  • Kate shows up on Violet's doorstop wanting to know if she's seen Finch. Violet hasn't.
  • Bad news: Finch missed his weekly check-in. Kate is super worried.
  • Adding to her worry: Kate received a weird email from Finch. It sounds like a goodbye.
  • After Kate leaves, Violet checks her Facebook. There's a message from Finch. It sort of sounds like a goodbye, too.
  • She calls Brenda. Brenda has also received a weird goodbye message. So did Charlie.
  • Violet goes over to Finch's house. His whole family is there.
  • Violet fills Kate in on the goodbye emails that she and Brenda and Charlie received.
  • Violet goes upstairs to check out Finch's room. She finds a clue: some Post-its she hadn't noticed before.
  • She tells Finch's mom that she thinks Finch went to one of the places where they wandered for their school project. A place with water.
  • Finch's mom doesn't want to go look for him. She asks Violet to go.

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