Study Guide

All the Bright Places Chapter 55

By Jennifer Niven

Chapter 55


  • Back at school, everyone's making a big stink about Finch's death. This angers Violet, but mostly she just feels empty inside.
  • Violet's required to meet with a counselor. She chooses Mr. Embry, who was Finch's counselor. She wonders if he'll blame her as much as she blames herself.
  • News flash: Mr. Embry doesn't blame Violet. He feels responsible, but he knows it wasn't his fault. Maybe Violet feels the same way.
  • He tells her she's going to have to work to survive what happened. Mr. Embry acknowledges it was suicide, by the way.
  • At home, Violet reads a pamphlet the counselor gave her. It says she's forever changed. This resonates with Violet.
  • Violet's having another strained dinner with her parents. They're talking about college.
  • Another day, at school, the students are shown a film about teens and drugs at a school assembly. Violet leaves and throws up in a trashcan outside the auditorium.
  • Amanda is sitting nearby. Violet asks her about suicide. Amanda tries to explain the thoughts that lead up to it.
  • Violet's in U.S. Geography, where class projects will soon be due. After class, the teacher tells her not to worry about turning hers in. Violet says she'll do it anyway.
  • That night, she reads through all her old Facebook messages with Finch.
  • She writes a sort of letter to Finch asking why she couldn't save him. It's sad. Then she gets out their "wandering" map and decides to go to the last few stops.