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All the Bright Places Chapter 56

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Chapter 56


  • Violet's on a wandering. She's at a landmark where people throw shoes over tree branches. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Violet has brought two pairs of shoes. One is hers; the other was Eleanor's.
  • On her way back to the car she spots a pair of Finch's shoes. He was here, then.
  • She goes back to the mysterious text messages he sent her before he died. There was one about trees. A-ha! Now she wants to decode his other messages.
  • Next stop: the world's biggest ball of paint. Violet wants to see if Finch has left her a message.
  • He hasn't. Apparently the ball is painted over each time someone visits.
  • On her way out, theā€¦paint ball keeper?...asks Violet to sign his guest book. She sees that Finch signed it with a Dr. Seuss quote. She adds one of her own.
  • Back at home, Violet confronts her parents. She's tired of the silence that surrounds all the death in her life. She wants them to speak of it more openly.
  • The three of them hug and cry. It's super sad.

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