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All the Bright Places Chapter 57

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Chapter 57


  • Violet's wandering again. Next stop: an old drive-in movie theater. Violet walks around the old screen and sees graffiti that Finch wrote when he was alive. It says I was here.
  • Violet adds her own graffiti to say that she was here, too. She takes a photo to remember the moment.
  • Now Violet's visiting a monastery. She's there to look at the shrines, which are these little manmade caves.
  • In one of them Violet finds the rock that she and Finch used to exchange. She takes it and leaves one of Eleanor's rings in its place.
  • That night, Violet meets Brenda and Charlie and a few other friends at Purina Tower. It's like a little memorial service. They play music and remember Finch.
  • Back at home, Violet consults her map. Just one more wandering to go.

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