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All the Bright Places Chapter 58

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Chapter 58


  • Violet feels heavy and sad driving to the last wandering. She's not exactly sure what she's looking for. She walks around downtown looking for someone to consult.
  • Finally, she stops at a gas station, then a dollar store. Eventually someone directs her to a lake that corresponds with one of Finch's mysterious texts.
  • Violet finds what she's looking for. Turns out it's a prayer chapel created as a sanctuary for weary travelers. Violet can relate to that.
  • She finds a note from Finch tucked in a Bible. She expects to find an angry note that accuses her of never being there for him.
  • Instead, she finds a note. Well, it's a song, actually—a song about how much he loves Violet. She sits down and has a long cry.
  • Back at home, she takes the sheet music and plays it on her flute. It comforts her.

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