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All the Bright Places Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


  • Finch is in his mom's car, speeding like crazy to get over to Violet's. He seems really manic.
  • He arrives at Violet's house. She seems nervous that someone will see him; Amanda's party is just a few streets away.
  • They're walking together, and Finch is asking questions. He wants to know why she wanted to kill herself.
  • Violet admits that it was Eleanor's birthday. Also she thinks life is futile because everyone dies.
  • It's Violet's turn to ask questions. She wants to know why Finch is known as "Theodore Freak." He doesn't have a good answer, at least one that he can tell her.
  • Finch is flirting, but Violet's ready to go to bed. He asks her one last question: How did she get up to the bell tower when the door was locked? She says she picked it, and he's impressed.
  • Finch goes home and decides to go for a run. He's reflecting on how he's always bullied and his fear of sinking into another depression.
  • Now Finch is running past the place where Violet and her sister had the car accident. He finds a license plate and takes it with him.

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