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All the Bright Places Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • Finch and his sisters are on their way to see their father, who they have dinner with once a week.
  • He's not exactly excited about this dinner. It'll be his first time visiting his father at his new home‚Ķwith his new family.
  • The new family consists of Rosemarie, who's super young, and her son, Josh Raymond. Finch wonders if Josh Raymond is secretly his real brother.
  • Finch's dad doesn't know anything about his life, including his depression. His sister covered for him.
  • Finch is making comments to irritate his father. It's working. Finch isn't enjoying himself at all.
  • At dinner, he announces he's a vegetarian. Finch's dad is not amused.
  • Back at home, Finch notices that his mom has been drinking. He's extra nice to her.
  • In the kitchen, Finch talks with his sister, Kate. She's clearly the caretaker in the family, unlike his mom.
  • Finch goes up to his room and types up another journal entry about suicide. It's not about his personal suicide; it's more like fun facts about other people's.
  • Finch goes and takes some sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet. He lines them up on his desk just to have them there.
  • He sends Violet a message in which he quotes Virginia Woolf's suicide note. She notices the reference and sends him a quote in return.
  • Finch is impressed. He scours the Internet for more Woolf quotes and big-time flirts.
  • Violet ignores the flirting and talks about their school project. She says they have to take bikes everywhere. No driving.
  • Finch flushes his sleeping pills down the toilet. Then he reads every single post on Violet's old website.

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