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Allegiant Chapter 10: Tobias

By Veronica Roth

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Chapter 10: Tobias

  • Tobias decides to go through his fear landscapes for old times' sake.
  • Tobias still has a lot of fears. He decides that he "need[s] to deny them the power to control [him]" (10.10), and he smashes through his fear landscape.
  • Well, it's only temporary. The next fear appears, in which Tobias looks in a mirror and his reflection becomes Marcus's. Tobias is totally afraid of becoming his father.
  • Tobias manages to control this fear by transforming the reflection of Marcus back into his own image.
  • The final fear appears: Tris dies, and Tobias can do nothing to save her. Worse, he has to find a new hot young blonde to take to the Golden Globes.
  • Later, Tobias tells Caleb that his execution has been moved up. To now. Time to die.
  • But what's really going on is that Tobias is breaking Caleb out of jail. How sweet.
  • Tobias makes it perfectly clear what a terrible dickhead Caleb is, and that he's only saving him for Tris—even though she doesn't really like him either, since he's a worthless traitor loser.
  • Tobias and Caleb hop on the train that everyone else is riding and chug their way out of the city.
  • Tobias is glad to leave, because the grass is always greener where there's actually grass.
  • Tris asks Tobias to think: there must be something nice about living in the city right?
  • Tobias mentions his Dauntless trainer, who was really sweet to him but is now, sadly, dead.
  • As they chug through the Abnegation sector, a tear drops down Tris's cheek.
  • Thanks for the memories, city with no name. We're outta here.

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